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About Cherry Hill Salvage

Saving History from the Landfill

What We Do


The deconstruction process in removing a building is a planned disassembly of those buildings. This allows the history of the property to be removed and reused. Taking those pieces of history out of a building requires patience and care so that removal is done without damage to the objects.

Partial Deconstruction

Occasionally, a full deconstruction is not possible, either because of the scope of work or because of timing. In that case, Cherry Hill Salvage will do a partial stripping of the property, removing such material as doors, hardware, lighting fixtures and other items that are easily removed.


All materials that are taken from our deconstruction services are made available for sale at our store, or through our website!

A bit about the founding of Cherry Hill Salvage

Valerie DiBartolomeo has a passion for historical architecture and interior design. Putting these two passions together and building an excited team around her, Valerie is ready to show you more of the Cherry Hill Salvage principles!

It didn’t take long before Valerie's vision of building the business into a strong advocate for deconstruction of historic buildings, instead of demolition, in the Metro Detroit area, pulled her husband, Brian DiBartolomeo, into the fray.

Cherry Hill Salvage find our steady supply of rotating stock by locating buildings slated for remodeling or demolition and then remove anything and everything that has value or is architecturally historic.

The result is an eclectic mix of architectural antiques, furniture and building materials.

We cannot wait for you to visit us at our store at 142 W. University Drive, Rochester, MI 48307, or give us a call at (248) 651-2700